lunchflight with helicopter from Berlin Schönefeld

Lunchflug per Hubschrauber

340.00 EUR   1 Pers.

VAT included. Shipping and handling included *
Berlin, 12:10 pm: Get off, the doors of the stretch limousine fall into the lock. Our chief pilot welcomes you to your very own helicopter flight. The rotors start slowly with their work. Now just ...mehr infos

Berlin, 12:10 pm: Get off, the doors of the stretch limousine fall into the lock. Our chief pilot welcomes you to your very own helicopter flight. The rotors start slowly with their work. Now just take a relaxed seat and enjoy a farewell from the busy city.

The details of your lunch flight:
Guests are welcomed in Terminal C of the airport Berlin Schoenefeld and chauffeured in a stretch limousine directly to the helicopter. During the flight you will enjoy the unique view of Berlin and witness how the urban landscape slowly transforms in Brandenburg natural diversity.

Your destination: the beautiful 4 star The Lakeside Burghotel on the beautiful Straussee. Here, a fine-dining menu with fresh seasonal ingredients is prepared by the chef "á la minute". Enjoy the fantastic scenery and the romance for two. You will be impressed!

Extras on request:

  • VIP Service Euro 30.00 - Sektrefang and VIP Check-In (skip the line service) approx. 30 min.
  • Seat next to the pilot Euro 38.50 on request.
  • Payable wheelchair service on request.

Ohne Premium Service muss 2 Stunden vor Flugbegin beim Check-In angemeldet werden (Sicherheitskontrolle).

Berlin Schönefeld
Flugplatz Berlin-Schönefeld
12521 Berlin
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The scheduling is done after purchasing a voucher/ticket. Flights from individual persons are held on weekends. Own Group flights (Exclusive - whole helicopter) are bookable at any time. Our pilots are pleased to advise you.

Email for free / letter Europe by mail € 3, parcel (additional etc.) DE: € 3.00, A: € 3.00, CH: CHF 5.00

You have the option with credit card, Paypal, prepayment or invoice to order. 

Value of the voucher valid for 3 years
The validity of the value of the voucher is 3 years, which corresponds to the statutory limitation period. After the expiration of the 12-month Einlösefrist (on ticket indicated), the value of your ticket is valid for another 2 years. However, there is no longer entitled to redeem for the selected offer on your ticket. After 3 years, the value of the voucher expires. Vouchers can always be counted on other offers and be transferred to another person  (subject to processing fee).

fast delivery
Orders until 4 pm will be delivered on the same day by email or mail (payment receipt reserved).

Money back guarantee
If your flight can not get made as scheduled, we will send the amount minus processing fee back.

Coupons / flight tickets
The value of the voucher or ticket can always be counted for another flight or location.

Is your question not listed? Call us free on 0800 0700 130, because personal advice is important!

Routes / Flight Times
The specified flight time and itineraries are indicative, these may vary according to weather, type of helicopter, wishes of passengers, control zones, no-fly zones etc. If you have any special requests, please discuss this with us in front of the flight or also directly with the pilot on the spot. 

Group flight/shared flight:
Each helicopter is filled with 3-5 passengers depending on the location and helicopter type. Group flights operate only at the weekend (Saturday & Sunday). Schedule and route are fixed or on request. If there is a low demand for your selected flight, we may need to reschedule it. Flight routes for group flights after agreement of all participants and the pilot. Except theme flights, e.g. Skyline, castles u.Locks etc.

Private flight:
You book your flight on private basis with no other passengers. You can choose your own date (365 days), short notice bookings are possible, depending on availability, only possible when helicopter is based there. Please ask in advance. You can choose your own route.

The dates will be directly with us or with the pilots on the spot agreed. Dates Group Flights: Usually bookable only on weekends. Events Exclusive Flights: Flight route and scheduling to choice on request. In bad weather, the flight is postponed, the voucher / ticket does not expire. Generally postponements must be expected.

Equipment and clothing
- Weather and season adapted comfortable clothing
- Do not forget your camera
- Ev. sunglasses
- Passport or identity card at international airports

Please consult us at
- Persons over 100 kg
- Pregnant women after the 20th week
- Patients with a heart attack or cardiac pacemakers
- People with physical or mental limitations

Rules of behaviour
Please observe the following rules of conduct in your helicopter flight.

Aviation Safety
Safety comes first. We gladly answer to individual questions from passengers. Also on the subject of fear of flying, we are available for helping.

All flights are commercial flights and are subject to the guidelines of aviation safety authorities. The dedication and commitment of helicopters have a passenger insurance for several million euros.

Noise and Environmental
We are aware of the problem of helicopter flights with the emission and noise levels and therefore do everything possible in order to counteract this. With us you can also make a additional contribution. To compensate for the same amount of emissions caused by your flight, in a sustainable climate protection project. (Can be selected during the booking process).

In the case of a booked and confirmed flight, the following cancellation periods apply:

30%: Up to 14 days before departure
50%: Up to 10 days before departure
100%: Within 5 days before departure, in case of no show (No Show)
From the invoice amount. (Appointment booking = contact data transmission)
If the flight is canceled from us and you can't make the flight on another day, we will refund the amount minus a processing fee of CHF 20.-.

Glacier Landing (Switzerland, Austria)
The glacier landing is made on a mountain airfield. Short term it can be, that due to security-related issues (wind, temperature, weight, etc.), can not be carried out. The pilot is solely responsible. Alternatively it shall checked a landing at a restaurant.

Note the
max. weight of the passengers on the respective helicopters:

Jet Ranger max. weight of the passengers 220 kg
Ecureuil max. weight of the passengers 375 kg
Bell 407 max. weight of the passengers 450 kg

Hubschrauber EC130 B4

Antrieb: Turbine 960 PS
Reisegeschwindigkeit: 240 km/h
Anzahl Passagiere: 6
Einsatzgebiet: Rundflüge, Geschäftsflüge, Gletscherlandungen

Der Eurocopter EC 130 ist eine Weiterentwicklung der Aérospatiale / Eurocopter AS 350 Ecureuil mit einem breiterem Rumpf und einem Fenestron Heckrotor.

>> mehr Details (3D Modell, Bilder, Video)


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