helicopter sightseeing flight Mönchengladbach / Düsseldorf

Hubschrauberrundflug über Düsseldorf

Mönchengladbach / Düsseldorf
Am Flughafenstr. 95
41066 Mönchengladbach

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Helicopter types: Huhges 300, Robinson R44

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Moenchengladbach, the green city in the Lower Rhine invites you!

Experience the charm of the 1000-year old city between Rhine and Meuse. Moenchengladbach's attractions span a period of over 800 years. Discover Mönchengladbach from the air, all the local points of interest in the city core, as well as outside the old city center, such as Castles, manor houses, old farms and quaint villages.

Then, enjoy a good meal and the Lower Rhine brewing specialty - a delicious dark beer that is brewed since the Middle Ages. Let us surprise you!


offers for your flight from Mönchengladbach / Düsseldorf

Akion 20 Min. Rundflug

Aktion Hubschrauberflug Mönchengladbach

Group flight

Aktion 30 Min. Rundflug

Hubschauberflug Angebot Mönchengladbach

Group flight

20 min. Helicopter flight

Hubschrauberrundflug Mönchengladbach

Group flight

30 min. Düsseldorf region

Hubschrauberflug Mönchengladbach

Group flight

private flight

Sightseeing flight Düsseldorf

Hubschrauberrundflug Düsseldorf

Group flight

private flight

Helicopter flying itself

Hubschrauber selber fliegen

marriage proposal / wedding flight Düsseldorf

Mönchengladbach Düsseldorf Hubschrauberflug

Marriage Düsseldorf

Heiratsantrag / Hochzeitsflug

Business flights / company events

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Helicopter flight from Mönchengladbach over Düsseldorf and NRW

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