Airbase Regensburg Oberhub

Hubschrauberrundflug Regensburg Oberhub
Regensburg Oberhub
Oberhub 2
93128 Regenstauf

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Experience the beautiful Upper Palatinate and the World Heritage Site of Regensburg with its historic old town.

Scenic flights in the region Regensburg/Nittenau. Enjoy a 20 or 30 minute flight from the airport at Nittenau Bruck. Explore from bird's-eye view the Old Town of Regensburg, the cathedral, the Naabtal or region north Bavarian Forest.


Specialprice 30 min. Helicopter tour flight
Hubschrauberflug Angebot Regensburg

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15 Min. Rundflug
Hubschrauberflug Regensburg

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20 min. northern Bayrischer Wald
Rundflug Schwandorf oder Regensburg
from 159.00 *

30 min. Regensburg
Hubschrauberrundflug Regensburg Walhalla

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from 219.00 *

value voucher
from 100.00 *

Taxi- and ferry flights
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